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February 2022

Day 53

Arrived at Lake Burbury Camping Ground this evening with Jan and Rohan, ready to tackle the mighty Eldon Range tomorrow. For tonight though, we shall admire its sunlit ridge from… Read More »Day 53

Day 52

It’s time to stock up! And Uncle Toby’s Brekky Bakes were on clearance (Woolworths, why!?), so I bought the lot and am excited to continue hiking with my favourite lightweight and… Read More »Day 52

Day 46

Lost. For. Words. You AMAZING people at home supporting the 158 Challenge have raised over $20,000 for Cancer Council Tasmania! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’re not done yet… Read More »Day 46

Day 45

Well Mt Picton was on the cards for today, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. All I can say is thank GOODNESS for Leon & Fran… Read More »Day 45

Day 42

Day 42 • I cannot express properly how grateful I am for this morning, and for the amazing Lindsay at Move Massage Fitness Lifestyle! Physically, I have started to experience… Read More »Day 42

Day 41

Back on the food train, chew chew! Awesome to check out Grandma & Pop’s new pad all furnished for the first time, where they whipped up their epic roast potatoes… Read More »Day 41

Day 40

Rehab, rehab, rehab! Previous breaks I’ve been super time-poor and neglecting my recovery, but this time I’m trying to get on top of it! Rollers, trigger point balls and resistance… Read More »Day 40

Day 31

“What effects does (sic) publicity have on wilderness?” A walker took some time to leave a message on my car, so I wanted to take some time to consider their… Read More »Day 31

Day 30

I’ve got the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)! Walking up a flight of stairs is actually very difficult, as my quads have decided to have an all-day sleep. The magic… Read More »Day 30

Day 29

Rest day number one is all about food! Consume as much as I can, and whatever I want – my favourite is a big eggs brekky. It’s always better when… Read More »Day 29