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March 2022

Day 86

And finally, the Cubbi is packed and ready to go! It’s been great having a full week in Hobart, seeing more people than I otherwise would have. However it’s put… Read More »Day 86

Day 85

This may seem like a mundane picture to most, but to me, it’s glorious. Getting Jeepy packed and ready to go for the next stint, I took pleasure in going… Read More »Day 85

Day 84

Not much refreshes the soul like hanging out and playing with one of my true beat mates. He’s the saddest little man every time I leave, but when I return,… Read More »Day 84

Day 83

Well it’s not regret… But GEE, I am sore! Feet, achilles, knees – they all hate me. I waddled down to the beach today to meet some good friends and… Read More »Day 83

Day 82

Today, tonight, and into the morning I’ll be completing 158 laps of the Queen’s Domain athletics track at Cancer Council Tasmania’s Relay for Life event. I’ll do the math for… Read More »Day 82

Day 81

So I’ve been super lucky to be able to stay at a friend’s house while my family undergoes the routine Covid-19 house-exclusion. Apparently I’m such a good new housemate, though,… Read More »Day 81

Day 80

Saw this little one chillin’ on the lawns, so I slowly went up and said hello. It was shy though, and dug it’s cute little face into the ground as… Read More »Day 80

Day 79

From chocolate last night, to a massive brekky this morning – my tummy is getting happier by the minute! It’s incredible, the amount of calories my body craves and can… Read More »Day 79

Day 76

Well ten straight days of hiking has me zonked! I’m stopping in Wayatinah for a rest day, before I head on the “halfway hike” with Shelly tomorrow! There’s a lovely… Read More »Day 76

Day 65

Well it’s time to head to the Overland Track, for my first time, EVER! Tomorrow morning begins a minimum 9-day solo adventure, where I plan to summit every Abel in… Read More »Day 65

Day 64

Aside from the talented posing, this was a seriously down-to-earth night with best mate and “challenge manager” Jan! Having a few days off gives me a chance to indulge in… Read More »Day 64

Day 63

Doing a bit of a stocktake on gear, and decided it was time for a fresh pair of mitts. As is evident – the scrub is pretty ruthless on all… Read More »Day 63

Day 62

First of four rest days this time (yes, four, woohoo)! Here’s a pants-down comparison shot of my knees, with my right one hugely swollen after a painful last day on… Read More »Day 62