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April 2022

Day 111

Beautiful evening light as I drove down to the start of the Eastern Arthurs tonight. The beautiful tall trees en-route to the Tahune Forest Reserve had me pulling over and… Read More »Day 111

Day 110

Thanks so much to the Bulk Nutrients team for inviting and welcoming me into their box to watch the mighty JackJumpers beat Melbourne in their last home game of the… Read More »Day 110

Day 109

Bit nerdy. Bit practical. Bit uneventful. However today I had a good clean out of the Cubbi, and tended to the battery setup that runs all my electronics. It’s important… Read More »Day 109

Day 108

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated what they can to the 158 Challenge! We are just shy of $35,000 raised for Cancer Council Tasmania,… Read More »Day 108

Day 107

So nice to lay about in the garden, and not have to worry about climbing through scrub to an Abel today! Softest hugs in the world from Malfi and some… Read More »Day 107

Day 106

West & North-West Abels complete in one big stint! Great to see the map’s to-do list shrinking by the day. As we indulge in a number of rest days, we… Read More »Day 106