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May 2022

Day 148

These tune-up therapy balls are the bees knees! Rolling my feet around on these really gets into my stagnant joints and muscles, and helps release them to get me ready… Read More »Day 148

Day 147

I’m feeling better and better each day! The cute little house here is surrounded by bush on private property, so I have been exploring a little more and practicing some… Read More »Day 147

Day 146

This is the front gate to the property I’m staying at. Thankfully it’s a few hundred metres down a long driveway, which gives me a length to walk up and… Read More »Day 146

Day 145

Mornings don’t really exist in iso… I just skip straight to the afternoon, and then decide to get out of bed! I think that’s the easiest method of shortening the… Read More »Day 145

Day 144

Well, this had to happen at some point, didn’t it..! One week before I had planned to finish all the Abels, and boom, I somehow managed to contract Covid! This… Read More »Day 144

Day 143

In Launnie for a rest day, and I was privileged to be given a personal tour of the under-construction Du Cane Brewing brewery & dining hall! This place is going to… Read More »Day 143

Day 139

Super-duper lucky to be able to spend a rest day here at Naivasha Cottage, near Deloraine! The place is absolutely gorgeous, and has everything I can imagine I need to… Read More »Day 139

Day 133

It’s an extreme rarity for me to treat myself with lux accommodation (that being anything other than a tent or camper), however tonight, I am doing just that! I’m staying… Read More »Day 133

Day 132

Well as I journey back north into the beautiful, wintery Central Plateau, I’m proud to announce that we’ve hit another milestone in our fundraising journey! As of today, we have… Read More »Day 132

Day 131

First day off after my final multi-dayer, and it was bittersweet packing away my Wilderness Equipment Prion for the last time as part the 158 Challenge. There’s a special type… Read More »Day 131

Day 121

As I was about to walk out the door today to drive north, mum whipped out her famous lasagne and yellow-mash! This will get me up a few peaks over… Read More »Day 121

Day 119

If you ever need a stretching partner, get one that’s soft and fluffy, and makes you not want to stretch and just cuddle instead! Trying to limber up the body… Read More »Day 119

Day 118

Well, today I have ‘effectively’ completed all sections of the Abels Volume 2 book! West, Mid West, Gordon, South West & South. It appears I have not much need for… Read More »Day 118