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Days 112-116 – Eastern Arthurs

Day 112:

It’s time to head to the Eastern Arthurs! So awesome to have Tabatha join me for this monumental walk, and even more awesome to turn around and fin her face palmed with charcoal! A long 12 hours over the Cracroft and up Moss Ridge (in the dark…) had us camping at Bechervaise Plateau, ready for tomorrow summit attempt of Federation Peak!

Day 113:

Federation Peak day! Today has been a long time coming, and so it was SUPER exciting to tackle the monolith, especially with awesome company that included ‘recruits’ Clint & Henry! As is widely known, “the crux” section was an area where focus is essential, however overall I had the absolute time of my life, and enjoyed every moment of the day! The landscape of the Arthurs is like no other, and I think I do love it.

Day 114:

Sunrise before the return journey!

Day 115:

Sad to leave Bechervaise this morning, with the incredible bulk of Fedder towering overhead! Dropping down Moss Ridge was just as tedious as going up it, and ultimately I was exhausted by the time I walked back along the Cracroft. Thus, I pulled up camp at the Bobs Junction instead of Lake Sydney, to recompose and set myself for a good final day to this walk!

Day 116:

The journey out to Mt Bobs didn’t start incredibly exciting, with the first “ooh” moment being when I popped up on a knoll and saw the Eastern Arthurs in the distance to the west! The area around Lake Sydney was quite a nice contrast to the forest, and then the plateau of the Abel itself was very interesting – extremely flat and hard to find the exact summit! As weather came in, I raced back to try and pack my tent up before the rain (not to be) and then zoomed out to the Jeep to enjoy veggie burgers and dry clothes, woohoo!

Abels: 109 / 158

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