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Day 118

Well, today I have ‘effectively’ completed all sections of the Abels Volume 2 book! West, Mid West, Gordon, South West & South. It appears I have not much need for it anymore… Who wants it!?

Abels: 110 / 158

1 thought on “Day 118”

  1. Brilliant effort Lewi, enjoy your final summit today! Congratulations on making it the glorious, snowy end.
    If the book is not yet spoken for my girlfriend and I would certainly put it to good use (and then pass it on to the next Abelists). We’ve been enjoying a much slower version of the 158 challenge, summiting 56 Abels over the last 11 months and enjoying every step. (Well most of them anyway 😉
    Bravo you gritty mountain goat!

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