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Day 136 – Walls of Jerusalem

Just when you think you’ve got the whole hiking thing down pat, something comes along and completely re-shifts your perspective through a totally unique experience! I’ve been to the Walls of Jerusalem before a couple of years ago in beautiful summer weather, and so to arrive up there to all tracks, routes and mountains completely buried in snow was something I’d usually have envisioned as part of the European Alps or something! It was incredible! I probably averaged shin-to-knee-deep snow for 6+ hours, from Wild Dog Creek campsite to Mt Jerusalem, up Solomons Throne, over King Davids Peak and down again. A small moment of mild hypothermia, a gully with vertical snow block within which I had to carve out ‘steps’ hopefully without it all falling on top of me – today had it all! Amongst all the difficulty, though, was beauty, wonder, and a pure sense of fortune. How lucky we are, to call these landscapes home, and to witness this place change from season to season, providing us with a myriad of experiences should we choose to just lace up the boots, don a jacket, and go have a look!

Abels: 136 / 158

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