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Day 142 – Drys Bluff

Drys Bluff – one of Tassie’s most notorious day walks. 2.5km horizontally and 1km vertically to get to the plateau! How did I find it? A blast! Albeit a sweaty one at first… Yes, relentless uphill, but once you get higher you can use your hands a bit and it becomes more fun. The Abel sits further south along scrubby untracked terrain, and I was out there in great time before returning quickly. I then descended to Jeepy to get my butt moving to Launceston for a rest day!

Abels: 144 / 158

1 thought on “Day 142 – Drys Bluff”

  1. I’ve just finished catching up with your amazing achievement! I hope you can post up your final few days when you get the chance. I initially thought that you’d set yourself an impossible task but you have absolutely smashed it! Are you considering putting out a book of your adventures on the 158 Challenge? Congratulations on raising such a massive amount for the Cancer Council; your mother must be incredibly proud! Well done!

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