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Day 31

“What effects does (sic) publicity have on wilderness?”

A walker took some time to leave a message on my car, so I wanted to take some time to consider their concern and reply.

Publicity, in any context, can have positive or negative effects – it is entirely dependent on the message being promoted. In a nutshell, I aim to, and hope that I do, promote a positive message regarding Tasmanian wilderness.

We have an exceptionally unique and vulnerable wilderness, and it requires protection. However, protection does not equate to inaction, and action often involves publicity.

We can not protect something we do not understand. Public awareness of places that are not often ventured is essential, so that a more comprehensive knowledge of wild places is attained. From there, a more considered ethic of how we as humans behave in our day-to-day lives can be achieved.

Using water more efficiently, driving less, eating less resource-intensive foods, investing in low-carbon companies – whatever it may be, an enhanced general understanding of the preciousness of our wilderness can promote positive behaviour and lead to greater steps towards combatting issues such as climate change.

At the same time, our intervention within wilderness ought to be highly considered. Whilst duckboard and huts, for example, are great to walk on, sleep in, and reduce track widening and trampling of flora, they also increase the capacity for more people. This can result in increased negative impacts on the area, if people don’t behave in a considered manner.

Leave No Trace principles are a great and important guide for people that wish to enjoy our wilderness. Please visit Leave No Trace to find out more.

Ultimately, whilst the primary intent of the 158 Challenge is to raise awareness and funds for cancer-affected Tasmanians via a personal endeavour, I hope that people can see through my photos and videos that our wilderness is rugged, beautiful, unforgiving, cultural and pristine. Qualities that are to be preserved, and definitely not underestimated if you plan on venturing out there.

Abels: 32 / 158

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