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Day 75 – Mt Ida

Today, two “surprise guests” – mates Lenni & Je Roen – joined Jan and I on what would be the skipper’s final boat-access adventure to an Abel! It was awesome hiking with a crew after being solo for so long, and we were on top of the shapely peak in under an hour and a half to enjoy an equal amount of time on the rocks of the summit, soaking in the sun! Frank, Hirsty and Jules were also out and about for the Mt Ida shout, making the day and conversations even more enjoyable and fresh. Lake St Clair swims by the boat made for a super end to day, and ultimately was the perfect end (temporarily) to my experience in the southern Overland!

Abels: 78 / 158

1 thought on “Day 75 – Mt Ida”

  1. Hi Lewi,
    You are doing an amazing journey (thanks for sharing) to so many fantastic peaks.
    Continue to keep your mental stamina and physical endurance in good condition and you are sure to succeed. Great inspiration for a brilliant cause!
    Cheers Basil

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