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Day 90 – Mt Sorell

  • West

Today, I completed a big one! Mt Sorell – a mountain that has been on my radar for a long time, with things looking brighter now that it has been accomplished! A slow, but fun, 4WD excursion up Darwin Plateau (sans Cubbi) got me to the start of the walk, which was a slice – often in straight lines thanks to old surveying lines – through the scrub. I managed to find pads most of the way to the summit, and back, which made for a super enjoyable walk in the end! Why did I build it up so much in my head!? It was steep though… Views were spectacular, most notably the close-by Maquarie Harbour. I JUST managed to get Jeepy back out of the tracks to collect the Cubbi, and go camp alongside Lake Burbury where I even had a little fire! How blissful!

Abels: 84 / 158

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