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Days 124-126 – Western Plateau

Day 124:

Off to the Western Plateau with Thorpey! Drizzly weather stuck around all day, but the walk in to cozy Lake Meston Hut via Nescient Peak and Mt Rogoona was overall quite lovely and not too difficult at all. Arriving to a fire pre-lit by two other hikers was a warm treat to end a fairly wet day!

Day 125:

Will and Dave were last night’s woodfire heroes! We had awesome discussions about Tassie’s Abels and adventures had, before waking up this morning and heading our separate ways. Our mission today was to get up Mtns of Jupiter and back to the Grail Falls campsite – a long day, but one filled with many various landscapes! Crossing the Mersey River on an airborne horizontal tree was probably the most daunting task, but that was quickly forgotten once we witnessed the Abel’s summit and it’s views all around, particularly of the glorious-looking Mt Ida!

Day 126:

Falling asleep to the sound of Grail Falls last night was epic – out like a light! This morning’s walk, equally great! Waterfall, fagus, mirror lakes, ice, frost, summit. Nothing else needed to be said really! The last day of a three-day trip with Thorpey was a beauty, but I had little time to savour it, as I decided I’d utilise this good weather and make up half a day on the Ossa Group! So this evening I came in to New Pelion Hut via Arm River Track and stunning Lake Price, ready to tackle my final multi-day trip for the 158 Challenge!

Abels: 121 / 158

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