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Days 126-130 – Ossa Group

Day 127:

Ossa Day! Set out early from New Pelion Hut with Mitch to climb Mt Pelion East, before quickly making the transition across to the Mt Ossa ascent! The day opened up PERFECTLY, with sun, blue sky, atmospheric clouds and snow up on the plateau! We soaked in every moment of being the first up there today on Tasmania’s tallest peak, but I had to relinquish myself from the summit rock eventually, because I had to get to Mt Thetis tonight to camp via picking up my full pack again at the hut. Big day. Grand day! Exceptional.

Day 128:

Although I didn’t reach Leonards Tarn yesterday, which resulted in a freezing night camped at 1,450m, this morning’s view made it all worth it. I woke above the clouds! Absolutely magical way to start the day, which then ensued with much up-and-down with the big pack and side trips to Perrins Bluff and Mt Achilles. I made it to the base of Mt Pelion West tonight, absolutely physically buggered, where I’ll spend my final night sleeping in a tent for the remainder of the 158 Challenge!

Day 129:

Mt Pelion West is a toughy! Traversed across this big, slippery baddy with my full pack in a cloud, before dropping it (finally) on the Overland Track. I then zipped out to Mt Proteus and felt the leg burn through endless buttongrass, before returning, grabbing my gear, and ending my venture in at New Pelion Hut once more!

Day 130:

Final day on a multi-dayer! Stunning views from the hut as I set about my return to Jeepy & Cubbi via Mt Oakleigh and Mt Pillinger. Encountered many wallabies, basked in clear skies and sun, and enjoyed a couple of quick uphill, but very enjoyable, blowouts to the Abel summits. An awesome feeling to have completed now every Abel in the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park! I shall rest the next few days… I think I’ve earned it after 18 Abels in 9 days straight!

Abels: 132 / 158

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