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Days 15-19 – Southern Range

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Day 15:

After saying goodbye to Jeepy and the Cubbi, I set off initially with a plan for an out-and-back trip along the Southern Range. After a chat with some kind folks I found bunkered down at Pigsty Ponds, I decided on the fly that returning via the South Coast Track may be best for my mind and body (and hope to hitch a ride back), so I summited Mt La Perouse in the mist before camping at Ooze Lake!

Day 16:

With the weather opening up, I set off for Pindars Peak which, with its clear views towards Precipitous Bluff and the Southern Ocean, was a highlight! Hours of scrub bashing is better left unphotographed, however the day finished with amazing sunset views from Mt Wylly and the Wylly Plateau camping spot.

Day 17:

A gruelling, 14-hour day of hiking started with overnight stargazing and an early zip up Mt Victoria Cross, then it was on to the ever-closer Precipitous Bluff! No time wasted though, as I had to descend 1,145m in a few hours by nightfall to get to the lagoon-side campsite! My poor feet and knees.

Day 18:

Leaving the lagoon and hitting the South Coast Track! I met Ashley, who had no soles on his boots from day 1 (legend), and undulated along the coastline to arrive at beautiful Granite Beach campsite with, woohoo, beautiful humans!

Day 19:

Saying goodbye to the ‘fam’, and it was up over South Cape Range in dire search of the flat road home. Unreal vistas of South Cape Bay did not disappoint, nor did arriving at Cockle Creek to a generous offer of a lift back to my starting point from Ben and Julie!

Abels: 21 / 158

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