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Days 22-24 – Gell / Cuvier

Day 22:

A gradual track up to the summit of Mt Rufus led me to a lovely chat with Jessie, Lou, Nathalie, Teresa & Andrea, before beginning what would be two days of gruelling off-track hiking. The scrambly summit of Mt Hugel for my first ever look at Frenchmans Cap and beautiful evening light at camp were highlights!

Day 23:

Determined not to repeat a late arrival (not to be the case), I set out for Mt Gell, which would give me a quarter of a century Abels! From the outset though, tough slogs through scrub, and I didn’t quite end up making it back to the Cubbi, instead sleeping on a sharp rocky river’s edge.

Day 24:

Up at first light due to the terrible mat-less sleep, and I was greeted by beautiful red skies! Less than two hours it was until I was driving the heck out of there, aiming directly for Derwent Bridge for greasy food, legs up, mat repairs and a re-pack before the Frenchmans Group tomorrow.

Abels: 27 / 158

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