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Days 25-28 – Frenchmans Group

Day 25:

A track! Like, a good one! A nice contrast to the previous few days started through forests and plains, before making its way up to the hut at Lake Vera. There, I had lunch and chats with Tess and Emily, before heading up Barron Pass and in to the new hut at Lake Tahune.

Day 26:

It’s very hard to find appropriate words for days like today… It was mind blowing, and the best hiking moment I’ve ever had. Yes, ever. Ascending through the fog from Lake Tahune, Max and I had our dreams realised when we popped above the clouds to reach the top of Frenchmans Cap at 1,446m. An hour was spent just admiring the 360 panorama, and life in general, before we descended on the other side to complete a day-return trip to Clytemnestra. Lake swims and hut chats ended a truly spectacular day.

Day 27:

Said goodbye to Tahune Hut, the Green family (architects of the hut), ranger Shelly and Max, and set off back down the main track. Along the way I ran into Ashley (who I met on the South Coast Track), enjoyed a little steep side trip up Sharlands Peak, and met three local legends Lesley, Narelle and Anne, who gave me lolly snakes! Then it was a switch of focus to the off-track, uphill climb to Agememnon and camp, where a gorgeous sunset awaited.

Day 28:

With my eyes firmly set on Philps Peak this morning, I set off in the early sun. The day was super hot and clear, with the final Frenchmans Group Abel offering views south as far as Federation Peak, north to Cradle Mtn and the entire Overland, and west to the coast. Returning to the car and then to Hobart was my final task, as I pushed it – maybe too hard – down through the mountains and out of there! What an amazing trip.

Abels: 32 / 158

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