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Days 5-9 – Western Arthurs

Day 5:

Began my first ever solo multi-day hike, on the famous Western Arthurs! Met (fast) Rosie and then Al & Is, who I camped with at beautiful and moody Lake Cygnus!

Day 6:

Said “see ya later” to the girls as I pushed on past Lake Oberon, heading for High Moor. Experienced my first ever view of Fedder, before negotiating tricky Mt Pegasus and Mt Capricorn and getting in late to camp.

Day 7:

With fog lifting on a very technical day, Joe decided to join me on my Abels mission, and we pushed ahead! To our favourite tree, views back to the traversed range and plains below, and in to camp at Lake Promontory.

Day 8:

Blue skies and light packs were the order of the day, as we legged a return trip to West Portal. Climbing (literally) the Abel from the wrong side didn’t help, but that was the only hiccup in a perfect day.

Day 9:

Ascending from Lake Promontory, we knew a big day heading out of the Western Arthurs was ahead of us. Looking back on the range, we reflected on how incredible the human body is, allowing us to traverse over such landscapes, and then indulges in a beer from the Cubbi and some S&V chips gifted to us from Al & Is! Thanks girls!

Abels: 11 / 158

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