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Days 66-70 – Du Cane Group

Day 66:

Departed Narcissus Hut this morning on what would be tracked walking for the entire day! A huge change, but a nice one, and after enjoying a late afternoon huff-and-puff up The Acropolis, I enjoyed lovely Pine Valley Hut with some great company.

Day 67:

Thanks to Ivan, Sofia, Lisa, Karen, Margot, Fee & Amanda for an awesome evening and walk up to the ridge this morning! I had to say goodbye though, as I side-tripped to The Guardians & Mt Gould, before returning through The Labyrinth to Walled Mtn where incredible views can be had of the entire Du Cane Range! Sunset and camping on the plateau here is inspiring, with Mt Ossa looming to the north.

Day 68:

What a mammoth day, sunrise to sunset! Clear skies reigned and the heat turned up as I made my way over Macs Mtn towards our big mission – Mt Nereus. Multiple dense scrub bands made the summit elusive, however we always get there in the end! Well, in the half… The return journey was more elevation to gain on the same terrain, and I ran out of water – enter, cliff descent to puddles – before trudging up back to beautiful evening sun-lit camp.

Day 69:

With my head not quite in it, I missed the turnoff this morning and wasted valuable walking time. I think yesterday’s huge effort really fatigued me. But after step-by-step pushing myself through to Mt Hyperion, I gave myself a pep talk and used mental tools to override the physical drain. Via hitting the Du Cane Range high point, I carried myself through to really what is one of the most amazing campsites on the plateau of Mt Massif!

Day 70:

Woke up to exceptionally low visibility atop Mt Massif, which slowed down my approach eastwards across the rocky ridge. As I hedged along though, things opened up, and from Falling Mtn – my 10th Abel in just 5 days – I enjoyed views of the Ossa Group and Traveller Range! Last job was to head down the bouldery and then forested descent to the Overland Track, which took me back to Narcissus Hut for a restock of food – ready to set out again for at least 4 more days, this time westwards to the more off-track Cuvier Valley!

Abels: 70 / 158

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