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Days 71-74 – Cuvier Valley

Day 71:

Food restock complete, and some extra serves kindly donated by my Narcissus Hut crew – who also stitched me up by getting me to throw ‘water’ (tea-leaf-filled, it turned out) out the fly mesh! Seeing them off on the ferry signalled my start to the Cuvier Valley circuit, where I cranked up Lake Marion track. What a stunning, less-visited gem this is! A wade in the water and then up Horizontal Hill before a super relaxing wash and evening was greatly enjoyed!

Day 72:

Leaving Lake Marion was a bitter pill to swallow, however the next campsite was up there as an equal! Sandstone cliffs impeded progress up the off-track route to Mt Manfred, which ended up being a fun little scramble without the big pack. A scrubby descent turned my mood a little sour – more in line with the weather – however upon arriving at the Cuvier Shelf, I was uplifted by the epic spot where I was able to pitch my tent and bask in views towards the southern mountains and lakes!

Day 73:

Wait, what!? QUADRUPLE Abel day! Up before sunrise and within half an hour, Mt Cuvier! Early sun rays shone as I zoomed out to Goulds Sugarloaf and back to then pack up camp. On the return I ran into two gentlemen scrub bashing all the way from Pyramid Mtn, what a coinkidink! We shared notes and advice before I started a slightly ludicrous arvo walk across Mt Byron to Mt Olympus in the whiteout and wet! Stoked to arrive just in time for sunset, and set up my tent on an idyllic plateau of alpine grasses and tarns!

Day 74:

Final day of a 9-day stint, and I celebrated (a bit early) with a sleep in until midday! The hike out was longer than I thought, and so I enjoyed the Mt Othrys ridge and it’s amazing Lake St Clair views, including Mt Ida (tomorrow’s mission) before a scrubby descent and wombat-witnessed walk to the Cubbi!

Abels: 77 / 158

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