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Days 99-100 – Cradle Group

Day 99:

Big day. 30+km day. I met Margaux in the carpark, who was going to (but didn’t – smart) head up Cradle Mtn in the whiteout-weather. We cruised until Kitchen Hut together, at which point I ploughed onwards into the mist towards Waterfall Valley via some beautiful fagus. Today’s mission was to get to the off-track Mt Inglis and back via Barn Bluff, however I fell short of daylight and had to pass on the latter, leaving it for the early morning and enlarging what is already going to be another big day tomorrow!

Day 100:

A required early departure with Shelly revealed some beautiful mauve light, before I made for a quick ascent up the cloudy Barn Bluff! A mini-inversion (about 45 out of the 360 degree panorama) was a nice surprise, but it was quickly down and across to the boulder-strewn Mt Emmett summit. The excitement then turned to Cradle Mtn, Abel #100! And what better way to celebrate than by getting the kit off, and feeling at one with the mountain!? The skies opened up on the return journey via Mt Campbell, revealing amazing views of Dove Lake and its surrounds, as I completed the second quadruple-Abel-day of the 158 Challenge! 100 days down, let’s GO!

Abels: 101 / 158

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