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Not necessarily how it should (or could) be done!

Gaps below any given date mean the associated Abel is on the same hiking trip as the previous one (often multiple days).

4/1Collins Bonnet126175
Trestle Mtn1164117
Mt Marian1144127
5/1Hartz Peak125484
 Rest Day  
7/1Mt Wedge1148124
8/1Mt Hayes1110148
Mt Sirius1151122
Mt Orion1151121
Mt Aldebaran1107154
Mt Scorpio1106155
West Portal1181111
13/1Mt Anne142327
Mt Lot126277
Mt Sarah Jane129067
14/1Mt Mueller124588
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
17/1Adamsons Peak122594
18/1Mt La Perouse1158118
Pindars Peak1250+86
Mt Wylly1110151
Mt Victoria Cross1120142
Precipitous Bluff1145126
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
25/1Mt Rufus141632
Mt Hugel140336
Cheyne Range1290+65
Mt Gell144720
The Hippogriff1109152
The Chimera1111147
28/1Frenchmans Cap144621
Sharlands Peak1140133
Philps Peak128269
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
4/2Mt King William II136353
Slatters Peak130064
5/2Pokana Peak1127134
Conical Mtn1124136
The Spires1122139
Bonds Craig1260+80
Reeds Peak1290+66
Stepped Hills1111148
Mt Wright1112145
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
15/2Mt Weld134456
16/2Snowy South139838
 Nevada Peak139042
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
19/2Mt Lord1198106
20/2Clear Hill1198105
21/2The Thumbs1204103
22/2Abbotts Lookout1106156
Marriotts Lookout1100+158
23/2Snowy North126179
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
26/2Eldon Peak144023
Eldon Crag132163
Eldon Bluff136154
Dome Hill1177113
Castle Mountain1208102
High Dome136650
Pyramid Mtn125982
Rocky Hill1194107
Camp Hill1172114
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
10/3The Acropolis148113
Mt Gould148510
The Guardians139439
Walled Mtn143125
Macs Mtn141333
Mt Nereus1184110
Mt Hyperion148014
Du Cane Range1520+7
Mt Massif15148
Falling Mtn148211
15/3Horizontal Hill125485
Mt Manfred138243
Mt Cuvier137844
Goulds Sugarloaf142526
Mt Byron137547
Mt Olympus147215
 Mt Othrys127971
19/3Mt Ida124190
 Rest Day  
21/3Wylds Craig133959
 Mt Shakespeare122197
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
26/3Relay for Life  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
31/3Mt King William I132462
1/4Loddon Bluff122098
2/4Mt Owen1146125
3/4Mt Sorell1144128
4/4Mt Jukes1169116
5/4Mt Dundas1143129
6/4Mt Sedgwick1148123
7/4Mt Tyndall1179112
 Mt Geikie1191108
8/4Mt Murchison127872
 Mt Read1123137
9/4St Valentines Peak1107155
 Mt Beecroft1140+131
10/4Mt Kate1156119
Brewery Knob1203104
11/4Recondite Knob1170+115
12/4Mt Inglis128170
Barn Bluff15594
Mt Emmett141034
Cradle Mtn15455
 Mt Campbell124887
14/4Mt Tor1110+149
15/4Black Bluff Range1340+57
16/4Mt Roland123492
17/4Wentworth Hills124489
18/4Mt Hobhouse122296
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
25/4Federation Peak122495
 Mt Bobs1111145
30/4Mt Picton132760
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
3/5Rodway Range137745
Mt Field West143524
Florentine Peak137646
 Mt Field East127473
 Rest Day  
5/5Sandbanks Tier140137
Millers Bluff121399
 Parson and Clerk Mtn1210+101
6/5Mt Penny West1140132
Mt Patrick1119144
7/5Nescient Peak1125135
Mt Rogoona135055
Mtns of Jupiter132661
 Twin Spires140635
9/5Mt Pelion East146116
Mt Ossa16171
Mt Thetis148212
Mt Achilles136352
Perrins Bluff1420+30
Mt Pelion West15603
Mt Proteus1152120
Mt Oakleigh128668
 Mt Pillinger1270+76
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
 Rest Day  
17/5Wild Dog Tier139440
18/5Rats Castle139341
19/5Mt Jerusalem145917
King Davids Peak14999
20/5Turrana Bluff145419
Mersey Crag1420+29
21/5Clumner Bluff145818
 Western Bluff142031
 Rest Day  
23/5Quamby Bluff122893
24/5Ironstone Mtn144422
 Cummings Head1260+81
25/5Drys Bluff134058
2/6Mensa Moor136551
3/6Stacks Bluff15286
4/6Ragged Jack136948
Legges Tor15752
5/6Ben Nevis136849
 Mt Barrow1420+28
6/6Mt Maurice1121140
 Mt Arthur1187109
7/6Mt Saddleback125683
Mt Albert1120+141
Mt Victoria1215100
8/6East Tower1122138
West Tower1110+150
 Rest Day  
10/6kunanyi / Mt Wellington127175
TBCThe Needles1108152