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This fundraiser couldn’t ‘get on the road’ without the incredible commitments and support from my three amazing sponsors!

Please, if you have five, check them out – true Tasmanian businesses delivering high quality, local products and services.

Nicola & Carl, with all their hard workers at Smitten, are providing a heap of quality Tasmanian merino clothing for the 158 days!

There’s no comfort like wearing Smitten, thank you hugely for keeping me warm in the wild!

Get Tasmanian merino here …

Melanie & Todd, and the amazing Strive staff, have contributed 158 of their nutritious & delicious meals to the challenge!

Thank you so much, you are keeping me fed & lightweight on those long, multi-day walks!

Get nutri-delicious meals here…

Fran & Leon, and the guys in the garage at Duggan’s, have kitted out my Jeep & trailer with all new wheels and all-terrain tyres.

I am now so much safer on the roads for the thousands of driving kilometres, thanks to you!

Get car servicing and tyres here…

Thanks heaps also to many other supporters who have contributed in various ways!